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Added: Apr 3rd, 2020
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Min Deposit: $25
Max Deposit: $50000
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual

PerfectMoney Payeer Bitcoin
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 Program Description 
About the platform The project is aimed at creating a financial pool on the part of investors (individuals) as well as providing leverage to AlysDax partner traders (legal entities, small and large platforms) so that they have margin tools for transactions on world crypto assets trading platforms. AlysDax works only with trusted and highly qualified financial institutions. In turn, partner traders are given the opportunity to receive leverage for margin trading. Large Institutional investors (Exchanges, OTC platforms, financial pools) transfer these funds to their clients to ensure marginal trading in the crypto assets market, while independently providing operational control over transactions. They also independently provide risk management of the funds provided. There is a great demand for such funds to ensure margin trading due to the fact that margin trading is gaining momentum and there are not enough crypto assets on the market to provide all the needs of the market. Especially, this is happening due to the large spread on many cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The less developed a country or region is in relation to the trade in crypto assets, the greater is the demand for such financial instruments. AlysDax cryptocurrency partners have been tested thoroughly over the past 5 years and they are the most dynamically developing institutional players in the cryptocurrency assets circulation market. AlysDax works every day to develop new markets, attracting new reliable partners on all continents. New developing markets carry potentially large profits due to the novelty and scarcity of such products. How it worksINDIVIDUALS Formation of a large portfolio. Providing margin trading. INSTITUTIONAL CLIENTS GROUP OF TRADERS EXCHANGES TRADERS OTC PLATFORM PRIVATE TRADER Profitability calculator Status:SP1NP2MP3BP4LP5GP6XP7 Choose a portfolio payment system: USDBTCETHUSDTXRPEOS Enter portfolio amount, USD: 50000 Choose portfolio period, (days): 306090120150180 Test (-20% to accrue) BONUS +0 DAYS * Expected income * Per day: 0.99% * Per month: 29.70% * All period: 59.40% * Per day: 495.00 * All period: 79700.00 * Profit is calculated by daily earnings summary Affiliate program SP1NP2MP3BP4LP5GP6XP7 1 line3%3%4%4%5%5%7% 2 line1%2%2%3%3%4%5% 3 line1%1%1%2%2%3%3% 4 line0.5%1%1%1%1%1% 5 line0.5%0.5%1%1%1% 6 line0.5%0.5%0.5%1% 7 line0.5%0.5%0.5% BONUS DAYS ON DEPOSITS FOR LEADERSHIP STATUS 30 days+1+1+2+2+3+3 60 days+2+2+4+4+6+6 90 days+3+3+6+6+9+9 120 days+4+4+8+8+12+12 150 days+5+5+10+10+15+15 180 days+6+6+12+12+18+18 STATUS REQUIREMENTS Active partners10501001K3K10K Structure turnover1K10K30K100K1KK10KK Amount of personal portfolios3001K5K10K50K100K Login to your personal account Registration DEMO PERSONAL CABINET WE INVITE ALYSDAX TEAM TOP LEADERS SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF COOPERATION - Team Manager - Top status - Leadership bonuses - Attending large leadership conferences - Budget for the promotion of team network MAIN NEWS PHOTO REPORT FROM ALYSDAX CONFERENCE IN BOGOR One of scheduled AlysDax leadership conference was held at the Santika Hotel Bogor (Indonesia) during this March 2020. The conference was attended by a large number of potential project participants. More information... 1234 All news PORTFOLIO ACCRUALS 03.04 1.06% 02.04 0.81% 01.04 0.82% 31.03 0.96% 30.03 0.90% 29.03 1.05% 28.03 1.03% 27.03 1.08% 26.03 1.01% 25.03 1.06% 24.03 1.00% 23.03 0.98% 22.03 0.93% 21.03 1.00% 20.03 1.04% 19.03 0.92% 18.03 1.03% 17.03 0.93% 16.03 1.03% 15.03 1.01% Road Map 2018 Decision-making by a group of partners to enter the market for services to ensure the possibility of margin trading using leverage. Team building. Negotiations with partners on the need for additional funds to ensure trading liquidity and the introduction of margin trading. Start of software development. Website development and personal account. 2019 Coordination of working conditions. The procedure for the provision and return of funds by large consumers of such a product. Determining the conditions for risk management when working at different levels. Analysis of the crypto assets market in the context of margin trading and provision of leverage. Company registration and account opening. Analysis of base rates offered by competitors. Development of a model for the work of institutional investors with their customers - end users of the product on the use of leverage in margin trading. Making a decision to enter the public market. 2020 Launching a website and setting up security systems. Start of mobile application development. Advertising campaign Launch of package offers for private investors. Opening offline offices. Holding open company conferences with the invitation of important partners. Research of emerging markets. Launch of advertising campaign in emerging markets. Integration and testing of internal currency. Launching of mobile application Reporting conference on the results of the annual reports of the company. 2021 Launch of new pilot services from AlysDax for working with risk hedging. Development and implementation of buy and sell options as a tool for trading crypto assets. Signing contracts with institutions in emerging markets. Launching our own risk hedging service to provide a complete operational control over cryptocurrencies at all levels of its use. Limitation of liability By registering on the AlysDax platform, the user confirms his decision to carry out operations and any kind of investment in the form of fiat, electronic or cryptocurrency funds and accepts this disclaimer. Considering the rules on state regulation in the field of cryptocurrencies and their features, changes and complications of blockchain technologies, market volatility of cryptocurrencies, and other conditions that may affect the exchange rate and liquidity of any of the cryptocurrencies and financial products presented in AlysDax, the AlysDax platform reports a refusal from liability for possible losses due to the use of the AlysDax platform by the User or third parties. 黔ICP备20001035

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